Outfit comfortable marine amieira

Hello girls!
May 15th arrives and as usual I do not go to the field because the allergy does not allow me well Because I prefer to know new places that already know that the same thing is always boring, last year I learned that that day I was in Rural world A ostrich and in alqueva reservoir with a pretty day rainy.
By the name you may already know that I was eating ostriches . I look at that post and what I have changed or at least to me it seems. And the best part is that I see these pieces of coke here.
comfortable outfit
From So this year I decided to visit another place that I did not know and that was not far away, again I turned to lean our neighbors the Portuguese and thus end up in Amieira Marina place where it is like being in paradise and I recommend you visit 100%.
Paravisit Amieira Marina I chose a comfortable outfit and very simple. T-shirt of local store, the flip flops are from a local store but you can find them in the same way, they also have them in pink.

The trousers are from Bershka that already show up in Better than elsexo is .. .What do you think of the comfortable outfit ? Kisses