Men and cosmetics

Hello beauties!

I remember that a few years ago a man talked to him about creams or cosmetic in general, directly he would run out Ohh what a horror to put on a cream we're sure something bad happened to them.

david beckan

But as everything in life things have changed and according to bloomberg the men have now reached the highest levels in cosmetic purchase .

Do men buy cosmetic?

But do not think that they only buy hand creams, but that the products of men's cosmetics that they buy the most are the exfoliating masks and the serum for the hair.

Who would have said a few years ago that I was going to give men to buy beauty products.

But what can surprise me here is those who have come from wonder. The companies that market these products are in luck because it is estimated that sales will grow by 5% or what is the same 17.5 billion dollars.

So if you go To buy super and you start to see more beauty products for men that do not be surprised because companies start using their marketing tricks to convince men that they need to have a more careful skin and body.

But why do men now use cosmetics?

Very easy to have the Sarkozy syndrome , men want to "live up to their partner "And not only in beauty products but also in surgery retouching.

And you are in favor or against men using cosmetics and taking care of themselves ? Kisses