Beauty is expensive The price of aesthetic operations!

Hello Beauty !
Looking beautiful 365 days a year is a task that many people care about. Go to the hairdresser or use a thousand potingues is expensive but if you go directly there is that you're ruined, that's why this is a beauty blog I thought it was interesting that we do the accounts.
Both men and women struggle to get creams, the gym ... all that helps to get the ideal body but there are those who go much further.
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What is the price of beauty?

If you want to be beautiful there are many alternatives but the only free is to go for a run.
- Getting a liposuction is between 6000 and 7000 euros. Currently it is one of the most demanded surgeries, it consists in eliminating localized fat without having to give a stick to the water, come on that you can forget about the diets and exercise.
- Rhinoplasty, to modify the nose . It's just a little complicated surgery. Its price is around 1500 euros .
- Increase in breasts , this and the breast reduction are among the most sued in Spain. Scars are scarcely noticed and their price is 4000 5000 euros.
- Breast reduction , more demanded even than breast augmentation, despite What they try to sell us to have a lot of chest is not always what girls want either because they do not feel like it or because of health issues.
To be more specific, breast reduction is in second place in the most demanded surgeries in Spain and breast enlargement is in third place. Price between 3000 - 4000euros .
- Breast lift, elexceso of skin is eliminated its price is not very high 400 euros perooooooo ... is that everything can not be good leaves visible scars.
- Liposculpture, this type of aesthetic surgeries eliminate localized fat through syringes . And if you remove the grease from a site but it turns out that you want to put it in another place of tucuerpo because we already have it the same one that they take away they apply it in the areas that you want to increase. Its price ranges 7000 euros .
- Lifting, so that wrinkles disappear. Its price is between 4000 - 8000 euros.
- Botox, so that the expression lines disappear. The price is 200 300 euros per infiltration.
- Otoplasty is an operation for the ears and very simple. Operating the two ears has a price of 3000 euros .
- Reduction of abdomen, with this surgery the abdomen and waist are reduced . The fat and skin that we have left are reduced, but like the ones mentioned above, it is cheap only 7200 euros (note the irony)
- Cheiloplasty, to give volume to the labia Its price is between 100 - 400 euros.
- Blepharoplasty, to remove excess skin and fat accumulated in the eyelids. It is in the surgery that scars are less noticeable and its price is about 4000 euros .
Let's see that the joke of beauty can make us very expensive, I think I would never operate if you do not know why you can read TAG 50 THINGS ABOUT ME , the best thing is that you love yourself and if you do that you know who does not like it if you do not look.
Did you know the transaction prices ? Do you think beauty comes out face ? Do you like these beauty topics on the blog ? Kisses