What a bikini I have better

Hello girls!
A few days ago we could see in this blog the bikinis for this summer and the swimsuits . Most of the time we simply buy the bikini or swimsuit that we like the most but we also have to realize that depending on the type of body we have some bikinis will suit us better than others.
That's why today I bring you some beauty tricks to choose the bikini that fits you best, although it's important that you feel comfortable too

Tips to know which bikini suits you best:

For girls who have hips wider than the shoulders Ideally, one-color strapless bikinis or not-too-bold prints. Something very important is that we do not take it too tight and that if we do it, the hips will be more noticeable.
For girls who have little waist , bikinis with striking patterns and colors are ideal.
If you have little chest the bikini that fits you best is those that are triangle or word of honor.
If you have a lot of chest forget about triangles and words of honor, it's best to take a bikini that has enough support.
If you have tummy you can wear a bikini at the waist or a swimsuit.
and now that you know that bikini suits you better I wait for you at the pool (I would like to be there now this is the hotel perivolas santorini)

Have you already decided