My top 5 favorite fashion blogger

Hello girls!
Today I bring you my top 5 favorite bloggers of fashion but soon I will also bring you my favorite beauty blogger.
When I say fashion I mean fashion is to say that I like your blog in the ranking is not that I fall better or worse because if I letrainfluenciar for who I like better sure the ranking changed and may be that much, but based on the blog what more fashion visit my top 5 is ...

Top 5 best fashion bloggers:

In number 5 of my blogger top in fashion , we find Song of style live in Los Angeles and she is a designer. She has an impeccable and pristine blog of several fools. In which only resalnsus look. That's if the fools reserve them all for their snapchap with which you'll laugh a lot.
Enel number 4 we found a Pole who causes sensations I talk to you about madamejulietta ​​b> I've never seen a blogger who in the gadget degoogle friend connect had more than 18,000 followers and it really is because I deserve it with their risky look.
Enel number 3 I have Lauraherder is a cool mom and personal Spanish shopper where you can find her outfit very wearable.
Enel number 2 could not miss Lovely Pepa so loved by some and hated by other thing that sometimes wins hard ... honestly there are many things that I do not understand Lovely Pepa that I would not even know where to start but it is also true that if I think of fashion blogger or egoblogger is the first thing that comes to mind. Although lately she does things that have nothing to do with fashion.
Enel number 1 the famous Chiara Ferragni of the blog Theblondesald , I think there are very few people who do not know this famous blogger because it is everywhere.
Because of its audacity, for being natural and why I love your blog although with its new design it is not so much in my number 1 of fashion bloggers preferred !

Do you agree on my ranking of fashion bloggers ?Kisses