I do not want you bells

On February 22, 1991 a very bad bug named Melyssa was born. Since I was a little girl and a half to get into a TV, thanks to it I discovered that people did not live inside. What a shame!
I was talking to the television if there was someone behind the screen and everything to see if they answered me and nothing always ignored me.
That photo made me discover that they were hiding somewhere else who had no idea What was clear was that inside the TV was not because I just barely got my head.
I remember perfectly that day wearing a lion king's shirt that pity not have now to do a super cool outfit haha.
In esamisma fot or you can see that I do not wear earrings because "my ears were sweating" which I keep saying and doing now I have seldom seen me with earrings.
In esamisma foto I'm missing a tooth which I do not lack. Upp less bad but ahhh is the only tooth that I have a little bad put, is not visible but milengua notes ... that happens to him by late!
In esamisma foto I have the race of the hair in any place we go as now also.
But after all this I thought that I had left the nineties .
But it turns out that we are still in fashion for those years .
- - In the nineties they were the Mayas, fluorescent colors and denim clothes. I open my closet and ...... cachis but we were not in 2014?
- - In the nineties they wore high waist pants and tinting the shirt inside And now?
- - The shoes that were worn the most in the 90s were the shoes and now the celebrites, well I also did it once in OUTFIT WITH SPORTS SHOES , combine them with everything.
Vale loasumo all that was worn in the nineties and worn now but you know what is not the 90 the bell pants .

That's why bloggers demoda, egoblogger, celebrities ... do me the favor of not going through it again. Stop uploading outfits with bell trousers which are horrible what need to come back to them again .

Do you know what it cost me to go from bell trousers to depitillo? For an eternity, I looked at myself in the mirror with my skinny pants and I did not leave the house and now that I'm used to it, I refuse to go back to the bell pants.
So, do you agree? with me in covering our eyes every time we see anegoblogger, celebritie ... with the bell trousers so they do not come back?