Do you protect yourself enough? Facial sunscreen

Hello girls!
Today I wanted to tell you about the cosmetic female of NATURIMPORT is a company that based on two fundamental pillars, Health and Wellbeing.

What can we find in Naturimport?

They are dedicated to the national distribution of first brands of food supplements of natural origin , juices, aloe vera and products of hygiene and natural cosmetics and high quality bio.

The efforts of Natur-Import will be They initially aimed to offer the market the possibility of maintaining healthy eating habits by combining them with the current lifestyle, through food supplements of natural origin.
Later Natur-Import opted for new lines of products, for an integral care of the body in harmony with nature and to achieve the maximum level of well-being, until reaching the broad range of natural cosmetics available to consumers today.

Currently Natur-Import sells more than 15 brands of recognized prestige and of the highest quality.

Offers support to professionals in the sector through product documentation, specialized technical visit, organization of seminars and conferences, telephone assistance and promoting the dissemination of natural therapies.

So I recommend this company 100%.

Also now with the good weather we start to run the rush to get dark.

Well, what others get, we can throw ourselves all summer in the sun, which gives us the same finish as when the good weather started. Bella Twilight.
That's what happens to me every year, I never get here here you have the tests of last year in my vacation but this year I have proposed that I have to get dark if or if but without making the fool.

That's why for the face I'm using this JASÖN 20 SPF facial sunscreen . . h2>

In this image you can see the ingredients of jason cream :

The cream facial SPF20 from Jason is:


No components of animal origin


No artificial flavors

No mineral oils, oil derivatives or waxes

My opinion: is a facial sunscreen enriched with specially selected antioxidants, such as grape seed and green tea extract.

It is ideal for daily use, it is absorbed quickly, does not clog the pores and does not leave the skin white. Its price is around 15 euros.

Have you tried this Jason's facial sunscreen ?