Do not touch me with those hands

Good morning!
When I was little I was always told wash your hands before eating and when I had a hard time, I did not feel like it. But it is very important to wash your hands , especially before eating.
But large I suppose that I always do it by habit. Although not only before eating is that anything I already need to wash my hands or else I'm not at the time I need to wash my hands yes or yes.
Every time I touch the dog I wash my hand, if I sneeze I wash my hands ... but why is it so important to wash the hand?
Basically because the germs can be everywhere, especially if we have dirty hands but it can also be for food, contaminated water, through sick people ...
It seems silly to wash your hands but if you wash your hands properly you can avoid common colds, hepatitis A, diarrhea, meningitis ... therefore remember:
- Before eating wash your hands
- Before cooking wash your hands
- If you go to the bathroom wash your hands.
- If you touch animals, wash your hands.
- After sneezing, wash your hands ...
Do you wash your hands enough? Kisses